Get Wonderstruck by Gray Whales – Whale-Watching Season is Here!

Last Sunday, in the waters below the Point Reyes Lighthouse, a gray whale leaped out of the water to the delight of a dozen people watching from above.

A moment like this is what inspired me to write Little Gray’s Great Migration. I saw a gray whale calf breach playfully again and again below the Point Reyes Lighthouse – and was wonderstruck.

It is officially gray whale season all along the Pacific Coast, with southbound whales passing each day. This is the “southbound surge”; there will be another surge of northbound whales in mid-to late-March.

Gray whales are wonderfully predictable in their migration patterns, so if the weather is going to be clear, head to the ocean!

Read my tips for whale-watching at Point Reyes National Seashore, or if you’re elsewhere in California, Oregon, or Washington, check out my guidance for spotting gray whales all along the Pacific coast. I hope you are wonderstruck this season, too!

Point Reyes Lighthouse Welcome Board.JPG