Stores Where You Can Find Little Gray on the Shelves

Where is Little Gray?

The journey from the idea for Little Gray's Great Migration to it *actually* being a book in bookstores has been a long one, a little bit like Little Gray's journey from Mexico to Alaska. I wrote the first draft exactly five years ago!

That's part of why I got a huge thrill today when I walked into Green Apple Books on the Park and saw my very own book, Little Gray's Great Migration, on the shelves. (Green Apple is where my book launch party will be on February 28, 2015.)

I'm so grateful to the Marine Mammal Center for stocking the book already as well. The book is available at Point Reyes Books and will soon be at all the bookstores at Point Reyes National Seashore, too.   

I'll keep updating this page as I work with more booksellers, aquariums, and gift shops to stock Little Gray. If you have any ideas of places that seem like a perfect home for Little Gray, please contact me!

In the meantime, you can order the book through your local independent bookseller (find one here) or at any online retailer.

Little Gray's Great Migration  on the shelves at  Green Apple Books on the Park .

Little Gray's Great Migration on the shelves at Green Apple Books on the Park.