Little Grays Great Migration Cover

Little Gray's Great Migration

By Marta Lindsey

Illustrated by Andrea Gabriel

Arbordale Publishing


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In Little Gray’s Great Migration, a baby gray whale must leave the whale watchers he loves to make a 5,000-mile journey from Mexico to Alaska with his mother. On this difficult migration, Little Gray falls behind, gets lost, and eventually gives up. It’s only then that he realizes why they must make it to their destination: Mama’s life depends on it. When a huge piece of land cuts off their path, Little Gray has a chance to help. Will Little Gray find the secret passage to the special sea – and its life-saving food supply? 

Little Gray’s Great Migration allows readers to actually imagine what it’s like to be a baby gray whale, while weaving in scientific facts.  It also inspires readers to try whale watching themselves, as people throughout the story see Little Gray from beaches and cliffs along the entire west coast.

The yearly journey of Eastern Pacific gray whales from Mexico to Alaska and back is considered likely the longest migration of any mammal, truly one of the “great migrations” of our planet. 

Eastern Pacific gray whales were hunted to the brink of extinction twice only to become one of conservation’s biggest success stories.  They are the only species of great whale to be taken off the endangered species list.  They live closer to land – and to people – than any other whale, and are the most watched whale in the world. 

Little Gray’s Great Migration is the perfect story to inspire, entertain and educate young readers and budding scientists alike.
— Jennifer Ward, author of "I Love Dirt! 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature"